Pretzel Logic and the Murdockettes

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  1. Arthur says:

    Has D.M. Murdock’s fanboys failed again? She’s an idiot out for the historically informed to see her as the fraud she is. When are you publishing your ebook on the question of if Jesus of Nazareth ever existed as a historical person?

    • I was waiting for both the Marice Casey book against mythicism (recently published) and the Richard Carrier book defending it so it would consider the latest arguments. I might just finish and release it and issue updates as needed. News on that front will be coming soon.

  2. Hi Mr. McIlhenny,

    There are other ways to get access to Carrier’s work. He’s recently published a collection of papers as HITLER, HOMER, BIBLE, CHRIST (class act…), which include his stuff on Tacitus, Josephus, and even Thallus (even that little lacuna is given special attention). You might be able to catch the mythicist arguments there as well.

    • Thanks for the comment. I purchased the Kindle edition of his book a few days ago. I am referring to his mythicist magnum opus he allegedly is releasing later this year. Since there is no firm publication date yet, I will go ahead with my ebook with the info I have now and make any additions necessary later.

      • Thanks. I hope I’m not being personal here (you could respond via email), but what are your qualifications in this field? I’m just curious. I still think your arguments are quite good either way.

        • Sorry I took so long to reply, but we were one of the unfortunates to lose power in the most recent spate of winter storms. I do not claim to be a historian – just an apologist at the popular level. This is why I am very careful to document my sources so anyone can check them. I do not expect anyone to accept anything I say on my authority alone but to verify what I have said with the documented sources. I have always been a bit of a history buff and I have read much of Church history – much more than many theology majors. My own undergraduate major was mathematics and I think this helps with the use of logical analysis. While I have had some fans of DM Murodck launch personal attacks against me, none have answered the evidence I have compiled of her poor skills as a researcher.

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